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  • Rolling across the sand in a beach wheelchair
  • Fishing from an accessible pier
  • Hiking an accessible trail or boardwalk
  • Picnicking on a bluff with waves crashing against rocks below

California’s spectacular coast offers many outdoor adventures for wheelchair riders, parents pushing strollers, and others who need accessibility features such as a wide, fairly level and firm path of travel. This guide can help you choose the destinations that suit your needs from among the coast’s many wheelchair-accessible parks, trails, beaches, viewpoints, and other sites of interest.

As you explore, keep in mind that our beautiful coast is a fragile natural treasure. To learn more about how you can become involved in its protection, see our Resources page.

Happy trails!

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A Wheelchair Rider's Guide San Francisco Bay and the Nearby Coast

Wheelchair Rider Guides in PDF



A Wheelchair Rider’s Guide:
San Francisco Bay Area & Nearby Coast

(PDF: 200k) Published 2006
Hard copy available from
California Coastal Conservancy (510) 286-1015



A Wheelchair Rider’s Guide:
Los Angeles & Orange County
(PDF: 200k)
Published 2001


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