Ventura County

Ventura County’s coastline is backed by the steep Santa Ynez Mountains in the north and Santa Monica Mountains in the south; its central section is dominated by the 22-mile-wide Oxnard Plain, the floodplain of the Santa Clara River. Agriculture, offshore oil extraction, and naval facilities are the economic mainstays. Small beach communities are dotted along the coast’s 43 miles, but many of the best opportunities for accessible recreation are concentrated around the three largest cities: Oxnard, Ventura, and Port Hueneme.

At Port Hueneme’s Silver Strand County Beach (Channel Islands Beach) you can watch the action at one of the County’s best surf breaks, while Oxnard Beach Park’s Rehab Point Path will take you right into the dunes. At Ventura Harbor you can rent a boat, browse the shops and restaurants, and stop by the Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center to learn about the rugged, inaccessible islands you can see offshore on a clear day.

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